UNHOLYATH is an Ukrainian black-metal band formed in 2005, town Stakhanov of Lugansk Region. Two young men Mephist and Despot, possessed by desire to play black–metal, united in the project, which was named Vestimenta Mortis, which in short time was renamed in Blizzard. Step-by-step (gradually) the project was becoming a full-fledged band, since then Wrath (bass guitar) had joined to collective, and a little bit later - the second guitarist - Amertat. Their music became more strong and complicated. Words were wrote in Russian only. One thing was lacking – alive drummer. While the band members was busy about searching a drummer, their bass guitarist lost his interest to the work of band and left it. But some posistive moment also appeared. Finally band had found the drummer in the person of some Mortis, that has become signed in history of the band, because of wide possibsilities for realization of their ideas. In May, 2007 band made it debut at the concert in Lugansk, at the club “Refrigerator” (“Holodilnik”). Exactly after that debute, local bass guitarist from Purefilth joined to band. At the same compound (stuff) band appeared at the festival in Kirovsk in summer of 2007, at the same bike-club. In winter of 2008 band started recording new demo. Exactly at this moment one of the founder of the band, the guitarist - Despot left it. The reason – personal disagreements. At first, band was looking for a new guitarist, but soon decided that there is no need in it. In April - October of 2008 was going the recording of planned demo, that was complitely finished on October, 2008. Demo was called “End of Humanity” (“Konez Chelovech`ego”) and was made in style of antihumanistic wicked and rather tuneful black-metal. On April, 2009 appeared the first full-length album “End of Humanity” (“Konez Chelovech`ego”) made by united forces of lables "The Kether Crown prod."\"Satanarsa rec.". In the number of 200 copies. The ideology of band is antichristian and antihumanistic, it’s reflected in words. Band members couldn’t define that music influenced on their creative work mostly, but they mark such bands as Inferno (Cze), Silva Nigra, Immortal, Mutiilation, Xasthur, Thunderbolt, Urgehal, Beastcraft and many representatives of norwegian black-metal.